My books

Monster is back! It’s bedtime… are you ready for a sleepover? Join him under the bed, away from all the stinky, noisy children! What are you waiting for? Monster bedtime is happening right now!
This book is about a angry, brave and bad…really bad monster. Or so he says! Are you a monster too, he is wondering? A question he might well be regretting by the end of the story!
When a little boy’s aquarium and beloved fish is attacked, Ramon Fellini the cat (oh sorry, the dog dressed as a cat!) and super detective, goes into action and offers his help to uncover the culprit.
If you woke up one night with a pair of wings, what would you do? So many places to explore and new friends to make! But as sunset rises, where will your heart take you?
As a father and his son take the metro on a busy morning, sharing headphones to listen to music, they are embarking on a journey of emotions… like songs do to us: reminding us of moments in our lives, giving us hope, making us happy (and even sometimes a little crazy at the sound of some of them!)… strengthening the special bond between them.
“Run as fast as you can… Find a hiding place… I will not rest until I find you!”. As a mysterious voice echoes through the jungle, can you guess who all the animals are crazily running away from?
A big noise echoes around the world, bringing about chaos and confusion. What could it be? A strange force from another world? A saxophonist out of tune? A meteor that crashed right over a horn factory? And where does it comes from? As the truth is about to be uncovered, it will surprise all!
A surfer gives a ride to a soon-to-be-married diver, a tired super hero, a bored alligator, a wanted criminal, a scared little girl… But will the occupants of the increasingly overcrowded car make it to the beach? A wonderfully humorous story, playing on repetitions, that will delight children!